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We strive to use earths resources wisely while building, and believe that log buildings are more efficient and longer lasting for the future.

Log buildings are constructed almost entirely from natural renewable resources, using much less plastic and harmful materials than conventional housing.

We source our logs from mature trees, and from locations where the area logged will be responsibly replanted. After our logs arrive, we either use high pressure water or a combination of hand tools and planers to remove the bark. We then trim all the knots along the log, and get it ready for scribing. After that, each log is custom fit to the log below it on the wall using full scribed saddle notches at the corners and scribe fit long grooves between. We use the saddle notch because it remains tight over time as the logs dry and shrink. We also cut the long grooves in a way that a small foam gasket can be used to aid the sealing between the logs and is not noticeable when the logs have settled.  

 Full Scribe log cabins

12 by 16 Log Cabin kit.

Each log is carefully hand-scribed, following the natural contour of the log, to give it an exact fit it to the log beneath, sometimes referred to as the "Scandinavian Full Scribe." The scribed lines are cut out with a chainsaw and  then detailed with hand tools to form a lateral groove on the bottom of the log. Completed by the saddle  “notch” at the corners of the structure.

During the re-assembly process insulation will be inserted into the lateral groove and notch of each log. A log building expandable foam gasket is also installed to seal each log to the next, and is not noticeable once the logs have settled.

Once the log construction of your cabin is finished, it is carefully labelled, dismantled, and ready for shipping. 

Re assembly of log cabins is quick and simple, the walls are complete after log assembly.

Custom log work

Log dog House

Are you looking for a unique doghouse? Do you want a rustic gazebo to put your hot tub in, away from the mosquitos? Or maybe you would like a log shelter for over your favourite backyard picnic spot? We are always interested in working with you on some plans for your custom needs!

How it Works

1. Contact us, and together we can work out details such as cabin size, design, and floor plan with you.

2. Get a permit from your local authority.

3. Discuss and agree to our log shell contract.

4. We build your cabin here at our site.

5. You get the foundation and floor built.

6. We disassemble the cabin and ship it to you with a copy of "Effective Practices & Methods: For Handcrafted Log Home Construction" as well as assembly and maintenance information.

7. We come re-assemble your log cabin shell at your site, or depending on the location, you get your contractor to re-assemble.

8. Have your contractor build the roof, install the windows, door and complete the finishing touches.

Enjoy your log cabin!

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